Rabies Virus Antigen ELISA (glycoproteins)


A monoclonal mediated antibody ELISA to detect glycoproteins of Rabies Virus in (in)activated antigen suspensions (according to WHO levels).

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Intended use of the test kit

This diagnostic test is intended for the detection of rabies virus glycoprotein in inactivated antigen samples. This standardized ELISA is based on monoclonal antibodies, with high sensitivity and specificity for the glycoprotein of rabies virus. The use of this ELISA kit is restricted to participants of the collaborative study organized by the National Institute of Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM, The Netherlands).

Principle of the test kit

The test is based on the reaction of rabies glycoproteins with biotinylated monoclonal antibodies. To this end rabies glycoproteins have been coated to a 96-well microtiter strip plate.
The sample are added to the wells of a pre-incubation plate. Immediately the same volume of a biotinylated monoclonal antibody solution (MAb conjugate) is added.
After pre-incubation the antigen/conjugate mixture is transferred to the coated microtiter plate to bind un-complexed MAb conjugate. After washing, the bound MAb conjugate is detected by Avidin HRPO conjugate.

  • Qualitative
    The sample is added (diluted1:2) to the wells of the coated plate.
  • Quantitative
    The sample also can be titrated using a 2-step dilution, starting with undiluted (> 1:2 > 1:4 > 1:8).

After developing with substrate, the color reaction in the wells is related to the concentration of rabies virus glycoprotein in the sample.


Rabies Virus Antigen

Rabies Virus Antigen 5 plate

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