Thyroglobulin SRE


For the detection of antibodies against Thyroglobulin in serum and plasma samples of dogs.

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Antibodies against Thyroglobulin (TGAA) are an indication of auto-immune activity. This will normally induce thyroid dysfunction and a decrease in free T4. These antibodies account for the majority of canine hypothyroidism, circulating auto-antibodies that bind to thyroid hormones (THAA). Higher values were found in ± 5% of dogs between 1 and 6 years old. Highest rate off positivity was found in dogs with high TSH values (± 12%). In several breeds a higher incidence was found; Golden retriever, cocker spaniel, English setter, old English sheepdog, boxer, Shetland sheepdog and Beagle.


Canine Thyroglobulin


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