Canine Rheumatoid Factor One-Step

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For the detection of all types of rheumatoid factors (IgG, IgA, IgM) in serum or plasma samples of dogs

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Intended use of the test kit

This One-Step Test is intended to use as practical/routine screening test that can be done in a few minutes. This test kit is designed to detect antibodies against Rheumatoid Factors (IgA, IgM and IgG) by use of a Rapid Immunochromatic Assay.

Principle of the test kit

This RF One-Step Test is based on a chromatographic test strip, a purified dog specific immunoglobulin which react with different subclasses. The purified dog specific immunoglobulin are conjugated to colloidal gold particles and the dog specific immunoglobulin is immobilized on the strip in the test zone “T”.
RF in a sample that is applied to the strip at the sample zone “S” will bind to the gold particles which then migrate to zone “T”. A colour change in zone “T” indicates a positive test. Anti-Dog antibodies is also immobilized on the strip in the control zone “C”, which binds the gold conjugate to indicate that the test is working properly.


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