Heartworm (Dirofilaria Immitis) antigen ELISA


A monoclonal antibody-mediated capture ELISA to detect Heartworm antigen (Dirofilaria Immitis) in serum or plasma samples.

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Intended use of the test kit

The Heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) ELISA antigen test kit detects heat stable Dirofilaria immitis antigens. Dirofilaria immitis is the major course of canine Heartworm in serum or plasma samples.

Principle of the test kit

The principle of the test is based on the reaction of two monoclonal antibodies with an antigenic determinant of Dirofilaria immitis. One monoclonal antibody, coated to the plate, catches the Dirofilaria antigen in the serum or plasma sample after which the other, enzyme-labeled antibody detects the bound antigen.

  • Qualitative
    The sample is added (diluted 1:2) to the wells of the coated plate.

The color reaction in the wells is directly related to the concentration of Heartworm antigen in serum/plasma samples.



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