Canine Progesterone SRE


An SRE to measure the progesterone in serum samples to determine the fertile period of the bitch.

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Intended use of the test kit

  •  Detection of optimal moment following progesterone curve.
  •  Detection of luteal cyst .
    • progesterone will stay low.
  • Detection of ovulation in bitches without heat symptoms.
  • Determination of the most favourable moment for a caesarean operation.
    • progesterone drops below 5 ng/ml about 24 hours before going into labour.
  • Guarding treatment effects of prostaglandin and progestogen. This progesterone testkit is simple and precise enzyme immunoassay method. By measuring progesterone breeders are able to detect oestrus (luteal function).

Principle of the test kit

The test is based on the reaction of polyclonal antibodies reactive against thyroglobulin and thyroglobulin complexes.
The colour reaction in the wells is directly related to the concentration of antibodies in the serum/plasma sample.


Canine Progesterone

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