Feline Leukemia Virus-p27 antigen ELISA


A monoclonal antibody-mediated ELISA to detect Feline Leukemia Virus-p27 antigen in serum or plasma of cats.

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Intended use of the test kit

The FeLV-p27 antigen ELISA is designed to detect p27 antigen in individual serum/plasma samples. For this purpose monoclonal anti-FeLV antibodies attached to the plate will catch the viral-antigen in the sample to be tested. After incubation, the bound antigen is detected by use of a polyclonal anti-FeLV conjugate. After incubation and washing the substrate is added. The color development is directly correlated with the quantity of the bound p27 antigen.

Principle of the test kit

The test is based on the reaction of FeLV-p27 antigen with monoclonal anti-FeLV-p27 antibodies. To this end these monoclonal antibodies are coated to a 96-well microtiter strip-plate.

  • Qualitative
    The sample is added (diluted 1:2) to the wells of the coated plate.
  • Quantitative
    The sample also can be titrated using a 3-step dilution, starting with a dilution 1:2 (> 1:6 > 1:18 > 1:84).

After incubation, the bound p27 antigen is detected by a polyclonal anti-FeLV-p27 conjugate.
Bound conjugate is made visible by adding substrate/chromagen mix. Intensity of the color reaction in the wells is directly correlated to the concentration of p27 antigen in the serum sample.


Feline Leukemia Virus-p27 antigen ELISA

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