Influenza Type A Virus Antibody ELISA (96 wells)


An ELISA test to detect IgG antibodies against avian Influenza type A virus (AIV) NP antigen in serum and plasma samples of Equine.

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Intended use of the test kit

AIV NP is a core protein of AIV. Infected ferret or rabbit produce antibodies against these AIV antigens, which can be detected in an ELISA using an anti-species conjugate.

Principle of the test kit

The AIV NP ELISA is designed to detect antibodies against these proteins. To this end recombinant NP proteins are bound to the solid phase. After washing the plates are incubated with the samples to be tested. The plates are washed after incubation to remove unbound materials. An anti-species conjugate is added to detect bound equine antibodies to AIV. After incubation and washing, the substrate is added and the optical density is measured at 450 nm.


Influenza type A virus antibody ELISA

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