Progesteron EIA 96 well plate


A monoclonal mediated antibody ELISA, to detect Progesterone in serum of dogs

Article code: EIA AS1004-ST01

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Intended use of the testkit

The progesterone ELISA test kit is designed to meauring progesterone in all kind of species. Yhe visible signs of the fertile period of the bitch (vaginal swelliung and excretion) are only rough indications of the ovulation moment. Ovulation is induced by the luteinizing hormone (LH). The day on which the LH-peak reaches its maximum is day 0, the ovulation will occur 2 days after this LH peak. After the ovulation, the egg needs 2-3 days to ripe. The ripe egg will only live for 48-72 hours.

The most fertile period of the bitch is there for 5-6 days after the LH-peak. The rising of the progesterone level correlates with the LH-peak, so the ovulation can be determined accordingly. The progesterone test uses a color reaction.

Other possibilities of the progesterone test:

detection of luteal cyst (progesterone will stay low)

detection of ovulation in bitches without heat symptoms

determination of the most favourable moment for a caesarean operation (progesterone drops below 5 ng/ml about 24 hours beforw goining into labour)

guarding treatment effects of prostaglandin and progestagen

Principle of the testkit

The principle of the progesterone test kit is based on monoclonal antibodies against a epitope of Progesterone, which are coated to the solid phase. If the sample contains the progesterone hormone, thje progesterone will bind to the monoconals antibody (solid phase). If the sample contains a low level of progesterone the conjugate will bind to the solid phase. ZIf the dample contains a high level of progesterone the copnjugate will not bind to the soid phase. When substrate is added color will develop at the samples with low levels of progesterone, if the sample contains a high level no color will develop.

Interpretation of test results

Draw a standard curve by placing the standards (20 ng/ml, 10 ng/ml, 5 ng/ml, 2,5 ng/ml, 0 ng/ml) On the X-as and the OD values on Y-as on linear/log paper. Read the progesterone values from the curvce.


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