Feline Chlamydia antibody SRE 32 wells


Detection of antibodies against Chlamydia organsim in serum and plasma samples of feline species

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Intended use of the testkit
The Clamydia SRE testkit is designed to detect antibodies against Chlamydia antigens. To this end Chlamydia antigens are attached to the solid phase. After washing, yhe plate are incubated with the cat sera to be tested. The plates are washed after incubation to remove unbound materials. A HRPO labbeled anti-species conjugate is added and the optical density is measured at 620nm.
Principle of the testkit
The test is based on the reaction of Chlamdia proteins with polyclonal cat antibodies. To this end, Chlamydia proteins have been coated to a 32 well microtiter plate.
The cat serum sample is added (diluted 1:50) to the wells of the coated or titrated starting 1:30, 1:90, 1:270 etc.
After washing, the bound cat antibodies are detected by a HRPO conjugated anti-species conjugate.
The color reaction in the wells is directly related to the concentration of Chlamydia antibodies in the serum/plasma sample.


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