Canine T4 Total SRE 32 wells


A SRE test to measure the T4 total concentration in serum and plasma samples of dogs

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Intended use of the Testkit
The canine T4 total SRE is designed to detect T4 total in individual serum and plasma samples. For this puyrpose monoclonal anti-T4 total antibodies attached to the plate will catch the thyroxin in the samples to be tested. The thyroxin present in the sample will complete with the specific biotin-marked thyroxin conjugate. After incubation the SRE will be washed to remove unbound thyroxin. Peroxidase marked Streptavidine conjugate will be added to the SRE wells. After incubation the SRE will be washed to remove unbound Streptavidine. Substrate will be added to the SRE wells and the color development is directly correlated with the quantity of bound thyroxin.
Principle of the testkit
The test is based on the competition of thyroxin in the sample to be tested, with known biotin marked thyroxin conjugate. To this end monoclonal anti-T4 total antibodies are coated to a 32-well microtiter strip plate. The canine serum/plasma sample is added together with the biotin marked T4 to the wells of the coated plate. Color reaction in the wells is inversely directly related to the concentration of thyroxin in the serum/plasma sample.


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