Canine Parvo antigen SRE 32 wells


A monoclonal antibody-mediated ELISA test to detect Parvo virus in feaces samples of dogs

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Canine Parvo virus was first described in 1978 as cause of enteritis in dogs. Dogs are infected through the oropharynx. After the onset of clinical signs the virus is excreted in the faeces for several days.
Kennels can harbor the virus permanently in the rooms, outside pens or exercise areas. In spite of vaccination these kennels will always be a risk for puppies aged between 6-14 weeks (Imumune gap). Given these circumstances there is a need for arapid, reproducible and simple diagnostic test. This Parvo SRE test is ideal suited for this purpose.
In addition to canine parvo virus this test can also be used for the diagnosis of Parvo virus infection in cats and mink. (Panleucopenia virus for cats and enteritis for mink). Following early diagnosis of Parvo virus, immediate implementation of hygiene measures and isolation of positive animals can keep further transmission to a minimun. Vaccintion of in-contact healthy animals is advised.


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