ALV (Avian Leukaemia Virus) p27 antigen EIA 96 well plate


A monoclonal antibody-mediated capture ELISA test to detect ALV p27 antigen in egg and serum samples

Article code: EIA C1001-AG01

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Intended use of the testkit
This diagnostic test system is intended to identify ALV-p27 antigen in serum or egg samples, and in individual or pooled samples.
Principle of the testkit
The Avian Leukaemia Virus (ALV) antigen ELISA test kit is designed to detected ALV-p27, a 27,000 dalton polypeptide which is the major core protein of the virus.
The EVL Avian Leukaemia Virus ELISA test kit incorporates monoclonal antibodies which gives a mimimum of non-specific reactions. The availability of this kit may facilitate larger scale testing of ALV shedding in avain leucosis eradication progams. Inaddition the increased sensitivity (20 to 40 times) and specificity of the kit will enable improvement of current laboratory techniques in avian retrovirus research.
Interpretation of test results
A sample is considered positive when the measured extinction is higher than 3 times the OD values of the negative control.
A sample is considered doubtful when the measured extinction is between the OD values of the negative control and 2 times the value of the negative control.


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