Adeno Virus antigen EIA 96 well plate


A monoclonal antibody-mediated ELISA for the detection of Adeno Virus in faeces samples

Article code: EIA AS1002-AG01

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Intended use of the testkit

The Adeno Virus Antigen ELISA test kit is designed to detect Adeno virus infections in all kind of species (including humans). The demonstration of Adeno antigen in faeces is the most commonly used method. Possible false negative results caused by naturally occurring variants of the virus is minimised in this assay, since a group of specific monoclonals is used which detects several different well conserved epitopes.

Principle of the testkit

The principle of the test is based on the reaction of a group specific monoclonal antibodies bound on the solid phase and another monoclonal detecting antibody which detects different conserved epitopes.
The test is based on the reaction of Adeno antigen with monoclonal anti-Adeno antibodies. To this end these monoclonal antibodies are coated to a 96 well microtiter strip plate.
The faeces sample is added (diluted 1:1) to the wells of the coated plate.
After incubation and washing, the bound Adeno antigen is detected by a monoclonal anti-Adeno antibody.
After incubation and washing the bound conjugate can be detected by a colour reaction.
Colour reaction in the wells is directly related to the concentration of the Adeno antigen in the faeces sample.

Interpretation of test results

A sample is considered positive when the measured extinction is higher than 3 times the OD of the negative control (³ 0,200). The OD of the positive control must be higher or equal to 1,000 OD units.


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